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A bulletproof legal backend is like the sexy underwear that keeps your confidence soaring all day long.

No doubt about it, a strong legal foundation in the backend of your business is sexy as hell. Having solid contracts drafted specifically for your business will make you feel empowered, confident and just...awesome.  Knowing that your sales are safe, your IP is protected, and that you won't end up in a lawsuit that will drain your emotions, energy and bank account. 

ready to uplevel your business?

Cheers to That

Entrepreneurship is a rocky road...don't let legal bumps get in the way 

Entrepreneurship is a rocky road...don't let legal bumps get in the way

Your business is unique and so are your legal needs


You have had the tough client, and maybe had to give that refund. You're ready to have an airtight contract that help you sleep at night instead of worrying about the next issue.


You are done DIYing. You're ready to work with an expert who will listen to your needs and help you build the legal foundation you need with trademarks and contracts.


You're building an empire, focusing on generational wealth & legacy, you want your brand & program names protected...for good.


You're growing rapidly, hiring a team, hosting retreats, and making more money than ever. Having all of your legal in place is necessary and you're ready.

Here’s What You Want

More time to do what you love

What you want is more family time, more alone time or more time in your business. What you don't want is time worrying about the legal side of things.

A stronger brand

You know the feeling of coming across someone on social media and seeing a program name that looks an awful lot like your signature mastermind.  Gulp.

freedom to do what you're great at

Your business is flying high and the sky is the limit. You want to know your legal foundation is going to support you for years to come. 

“As a 7-figure business coach, I'm all about ease and pleasure in my business.

 The Destination Legal team has been an invaluable part of creating ease (and security) around all things legal in my business. Sarah and her team have been so supportive through the trademark and contract customization processes and I couldn't be more grateful! Having them as a trusted resource puts my mind at so much ease and allows me to focus on what I love to do, coaching.

— julia wells, business coach


Top level legal protection for coaches and online business owners.

The platinum protection package

You're Growing an Empire,
It's Time to Protect It the Right Way

Imagine sending out contracts left & right that you know are 100% built just for your business. Think about how it would feel to know what you need legally now and what you should be planning for as your business grows.  How would it feel to actually own your program names and know that you are sitting on a few business assets?  

The confidence and empowerment that comes from a strong legal foundation cannot be understated.  You will attract more clients and magnetize them with your badass CEO vibe.

Ready to Uplevel Your Legal?

It's your time.

You will fill out a questionnaire on your business, your current offers, planned offers, and the current legal you have in place.  Prior to our meeting I will do a review of all of your current contracts and terms.  Then we will meet and do a 360 degree legal review of your business. 

This will also include an intellectual property review. Are you taking the steps to properly protect your copyright and what registered trademarks should you be thinking about to ensure your brand is secure.  

You will receive a summary roadmap that will outline what you need legally and when.

Based on the priorities discussed in the Audit, I will draft from scratch or update up to 4 contracts or terms for your business.  This may include things like: services contracts, group program terms, retreat contracts, partnership agreements or agreements for hiring your team.

We will have another Zoom call to really dive into the details of these three contracts.  After that, delivery via a Google Doc is within 10 business days.  You will have the chance to review, ask questions, and I will make any revisions needed.

The Platinum Protection Package

Legal Audit

Bulletproof Backend

60 Minute Zoom call


With your summary roadmap, your contracts in hand and your trademark applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) you will be feeling more confident in your business than ever before. 

The Platinum Protection Package includes 30 days of email support for any questions.  

Good to Go!


The Platinum Protection Package includes one trademark registration package. If we decide you need additional registrations, you will be able to add on at any time.

Based on the Audit, we will decide together the priority and my team will get working on the application immediately.  

Owning registered trademarks is a vital part of any million dollar brand. You can learn more about the Protect Your Passion® Trademark Package here.

Protect Your Passion®



How It Works

Legal audit and summary report.


Contract drafting and filing of trademark applications.


Revisions and email support.

MONTH three

Your timing may vary depending on schedules and your needs but generally will look a bit like this. 

Ready to go platinum?

I can't wait to help you!

Yes, I'm in!

Investment: $10,000

Payment plans available

“Sarah was amazing to work with. In just the first week after Sarah drafted our new service agreements, we had an issue with an ex-client that could have ended up costing us 10's of thousands of dollars.

We'll continue to use her for ALL of our legal needs moving forward! ”


Kind words


"We all think “that will never happen to me. I don’t work with people who would do THAT,” but the reality is that you could end up having someone dissatisfied with your work, some emergency or accident pops up, some refund asked for or who knows what else. Sarah's contracts take all that “What If Stress” off my mind.

I KNOW I’m covered, I KNOW that if something happens I will actually be able to think through the response I want to give and how I want to handle the situation because LEGALLY the decision is already made."”

- Kelly Grignon, Coach

Kind words


“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, Yesterday

I'm Sarah, your legal sommelier.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not your average attorney. No stuffy suits here. Like a sommelier knows all the details of a fine wine, I've been in the online space for over a decade. I know the ins and outs of coaching and service businesses and I know exactly what your business needs to be legally protected.

Helping women business owners grow their empires is my passion.  I've helped thousands and I can't wait to help you!


Hey there!

Here are the most common types of contracts you may need

1:1 coaching or services

Partnership Agreement

Terms of Purchase for group program, online course, or mastermind

Contract for hiring team members

Contract for a retreat

Support coach agreement

licensing agreement

Contract for a certification program

It's time to solidify your legal so you can grow your empire.

I'm Ready

So what are you waiting for?

Let's Do This Thing!

Investment: $10,000
Payment plans available

This is for you if:

You are a coach, service provider, or other online business owner

You want something DIY and fast (we have a template shop for you!)

YOu want legal documents Done for you and specifically drafted for your business

YOU are Not in the onilne space in some capacity

you are ready to invest and uplevel your legal

It's probably not for you if...

YOU aren't ready to treat your business like a business

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! 

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