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I’m Sarah, Attorney,
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Your Legal Sommelier   

If you're looking for just a lawyer, you're not going to find her here.  I do things a bit differently...and I'm guessing you do too.  Listen, legal doesn’t need to be dry (aka boring) — especially with me in your corner.  Let's make the legal side of your business as smooth as a perfectly blended Pinot Noir and as stiff as a good it's strong enough to support your growing empire.

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You're Building a Million Dollar Brand.

Protecting your business whether you’re making multi-six figures or multi-millions is essential. It only takes one lawsuit to completely dismantle the empire you’ve poured so much into. I support top coaches and online business owners in legal strategy and implementation to ensure your intellectual property and your business are secure.
 It's time to upgrade your legal protection as your business grows so you can keep on expanding the business of your dreams, grow your generational wealth, and protect your legacy.  

I'm Here to Make Sure It's Protected.

Trademark Registration


The only way to fully protect your brand is to own it.  If you are ready to build some business assets or are worried someone may start using your intellectual property, it's time to trademark.

Are you ready to elevate your business?
The only way to own and legally protect your branding is to register a trademark.

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Platinum Protection

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Me in Your Corner

My premium level package is for top coaches and business owners that are ready for full service and full protection.

Includes a legal audit of your business, plus contract and trademark services.

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Want me in your back pocket?  I know as a business owner, things pop up all the time.  If you have questions, need a contract review or trademark infringement assistance, reach out to learn about my retainer packages.

Sarah is a busy entrepreneur’s legal dream and secret weapon.   

She has helped me secure multiple trademarks for my business and the process was a breeze. I filled out a quick form and a few months later I had a trademark certificate in my mailbox! She handles the entire process for you with white glove service and absolute genius expertise.” 

Sabrina philipp, business coach

Enneagram 7, travel nerd, wife, mama & wine lover. 

Hi, I’m Sarah Waldbuesser, ESQ. AKA Your Legal Sommelier.  

I spent a few years at a law firm rocking pantsuits, making sense of confusing legalese for clients, and billing my time by the increment — and climbing that ladder never felt good.

I believed in doing legal differently, and that’s what led me here. Well, that and my love for travel. Business-class with a glass of champagne whenever I want with no approval of PTO? Yes, please.

Your online business deserves legal protection and there’s no one better equipped to bring that to you than an attorney who is also in the same space as you and knows this industry inside and out (going on 10 years now). 



Your Trademark Roadmap

Curious how the trademark process works? 

 Download my easy guide that takes you through each step so you know exactly what to expect along the way.



Helping female business owners show up online legally empowered and secure so they
can grow with 


It's my passion to help you Protect Your Passion®.  
You’re well on your way to making a statement in the industry, so if you want to take your legal prowess one step further my services will allow you to shake up your secret ingredient even more.

Our contracts and resources have helped THOUSANDS of business owners and coaches provide top-shelf service because they have perfectly mixed contracts to keep them paid and protected from any spills along the way. 

If you’re ready to make a statement with the utmost confidence, you’re in the right place. 

Head over to Destination Legal® - our legal shop that has done-for-you downloadable and customizable contract templates. 

This is for you if you want the budget option and are looking for a fast way to get your contract out the door.

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